Representing Queens NY, B.Elise is a shining star from the get money borough. She has reached several heights within the last two yrs since her first appearance in the music scene. She released her smash single “BOOMIN” which is still a fan favorite. Along with the light vibe visuals she put together with the help of Director and Brooklyn Native Haitian Picasso who has also worked with the likes of Sheff G, 22Gz, Nick Blixky and many more . The single is still buzzin and has created a growing audience for B. She’s been featured in several blogs and shows. Some of which includes touching the stage of Power 105.1, Hot 97 with Hip Hop Mike and being featured in the XXL Magazine to name a few. She shows no signs of slowing down as B.Elise returns with her new Single and Music Video “LeBron”. Shot in 4K by Painfully Gifted Visuals. This song is a cross comparison between the dynamic and controversial figure LeBron James and B.Elise herself. Comparing her appeal to the NBA Star. She is definitely a highlight in the music scene today and someone the people will see more of.

“I am not your stigma”- B. Elise

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