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Queens-bred recording artist B.Elise is a rising sensation in the Big Apple. Since making her debut, she has achieved some notable success. Her very first performance was on the legendary Video Music Box hosted by Ralph McDaniels. Since then, she has performed on stages for Hot 97 and Power 105, SOBs, Sweet Auburn Festival, Seattle Pride, and many more. B. Elise also boasts features on XXL, BET, The Hype Magazine, The Indie Gatekeepers, The Indie Source, among other platforms.

   In addition, B. Elise has gained notoriety for her acting and producing in the LGBT community. She has appeared on a number of LGBT media outlets, such as NYGTV as a contestant on their reality series “For The Love of Boop”.  She also collaborated with Ise Productions on the LGBT movie “A Tale Of Love,” which served as her directorial debut . Following her debut she scored a role in the LGBT Christmas hit “Coming Home For Christmas” which has since been released on Peacock, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Crackle and more. She continued her success with another role secured as the lead in the Steddie Reelz’ Biopic , “Steady (Loyalty Over Everything) Rockin'” A Samantha Rogers tribute.

   “BOOMIN,” her debut release, is still a fan favorite. Brooklyn native Haitian Picasso, who has collaborated with numerous artists, including Sheff G, 22Gz, Nick Blixky, and others, directed the eye-popping visual. The single continues to gain momentum and has expanded B’s fan base. More people became aware of her work after she dropped her second track, “LeBron,” which landed her a video placement on BET. That was a significant achievement for the Queens native. Following the release of her reggae track “Brown Sugar,” this female emcee is unstoppable.

     B. Elise became a two-time grant recipient in the last two years. She received the 2022 NYC Women’s Fund Grant for Media, Music, and Theatre, for which the city only awarded 89 grants out of 1,193 applicants. Prior to that, she won the NYC City Artist Corps Grant in 2021. Senator Leroy Comrie has also acknowledged B. Elise for her contributions and production efforts in the city for 2019 and 2020.

   Check out B. Elise’s singles “Strange Love” and “Heartbreak Hotel,” which are available on all major streaming platforms.

“I am not your stigma”- B. Elise